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“Kick-Ass or Ass-Kick?”

Apple: Welcome to our first movie review. This is about the semi-recent movie, “Kick-Ass”.
Orion: I like waffles.
Apple: I think, overall, I have to give the movie about seven stars out of ten.
Orion: You mean seven waffles out of ten.
Apple: Uhhh…why waffles?
Orion: 1) they are delicious, 2) they are delicious, and 3) it’s the name of our blog.
Apple: This is a silly name.
Orion: We can eat waffles while we do the review. (pulls out a waffle and starts chewing on it) This is a story about a regular boy named Dave who dresses up as a superhero – Kick-Ass. He soon realizes that there are actually other, real, superheroes out there – Mindy/Hit-Girl and Damon/Big-Daddy. There are also real bad guys – namely, Frank D’Amico. The story goes from there.
Apple: There’s really been a lot of controversy about the graphic violence in this, especially involving Hit-Girl, whose actress was only 11 at the time of filming. What do you think about this?
Orion: I wanna be Hit-Girl.
Apple: I definitely had to look away at times -
Orion: Yah, cause you’re a wimp.
Apple: But I’m not sure I completely agree with Ebert, who really, really disliked the film, and strongly criticized the violence that was in it. One thing I did really like was the storyline – especially the parallels that were drawn in the film – for example, both Dave and Mindy were children without mothers; the father-child relationship between Mindy-Damon compared with Chris-Frank D’Amico; I think lines like that were really nicely set up.
Orion: I really have to commend Nicholas Cage for his acting. His relationship with Hit-Girl was simply brilliant, one of the most twisted and interesting parts of the movie as a whole.
Apple: I really thought that relationship was kind of weird. And there was that one scene near the end, that culminated in a conversation between him and Hit-Girl. That whole scene was really brutal and horrible. I didn’t like it. Couldn’t there have been another way to get this message across?
Orion: Maybe. Would it have been as effective? I think the violence, as over the top and gruesome as it was, sent an important message: real world crime is violent.
Apple: Well, that’s true, but the problem is that this is a movie, and it’s not a documentary about violence or crime.
Orion: Anyway, you have to admit that this movie was funny.
Apple: You mean you relate with Dave’s geekiness.
Orion: …
Apple: So, overall, 7/10 from me. You?
Orion: 8/10.
Apple: Thanks for reading/watching everyone!
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