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Impressions – Scott Pilgrim

The previews/commercials we saw at Scott Pilgrim ranged from video games to horror movies, chick flicks to serious bio-dramas.  Since when did movie theatres start showing so many commercials in the period before previews?  We saw advertisements for “Metroid”, Selena Gomez’ line at Kmart, and a beautifully made one for Jeep Grand Cherokee.  We also saw these movies:

“You Again”

Apple: Jamie Lee Curtis vs. Sigourney Weaver.  Regardless of how silly this looks, that must be an interesting dynamic.  I love parallels, but still, mother and daughter both meet their high school bullies/rivals at their son/brother’s wedding?  2/5.

Orion: Uh…chick flick alert.  This movie trailer left so little impression I don’t even remember what it was about.  0/5

“Easy A”

Apple: A girl starts rumors about sleeping with guys, while not actually doing anything with them.  She is forced to wear the “A” from “The Scarlet Letter”, and deals with finding herself.  I don’t usually like how classics are updated, but I think this would be a cute high school movie.  Depending on how clever the screenwriters are, this could be smart or horrible. 3/5.

Orion: Actually, she isn’t forced to wear the “A”—she chooses to wear it as a way to throw it back in her tormentors’ faces.  I do think this could be humorous, depending on how tastefully (or not) the jokes are handled.  2.5/5

“Nowhere Boy”

Apple: The Beatles as kids!  Adorable, and certainly interesting.  The only worry I have would be getting bored during a long biopic.  Hopefully, there’d be enough movement to keep this historical story going.  4/5.

Orion: I really do want to go see this.  The idea is an intriguing one.  John Lennon has always held a certain kind of mystique that I feel this movie can explore in detail.  The topic is such that I will probably go see this, even if the actual movie gets bad reviews.  4/5


Apple: Newscasters quote Stephen Hawking’s warnings about not contacting aliens, and then things fall out of the sky.  This looks dumb. 0/5.

Orion: I agree 100% with Lady Apple.  How many alien invasion movies can you possibly make before the idea gets stale? 0/5


Apple: A group of people gets stuck in an elevator, when strange things begin happening.  This looked interesting (albeit potentially too scary for me) until the name M. Night Shyamalan came onto the screen.  Sorry, man, but things have just been going downhill for you.  0/5.

Orion: This looks interesting.  Perhaps interesting enough to save M. Night Shyamalan from total destruction?  We will have to wait and see.  The trailer itself was tense enough to keep me engrossed throughout its entirety: hopefully the movie will be able to do that as well.  3/5.

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