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Blood: The Last Vampire – Apple – 1/5

“Blood” is the example of someone having way too much fun with a movie.  Saya is a half-vampire/demon girl, who is out on a revenge trip to kill Onigen, the demon who killed her father.  Along the way, she goes ‘undercover’ as a Japanese school girl put on an air force base high school.  Oh, and she wields a katana to slash people in half, ninja-style.

There is one interesting dynamic at play: Alice, the daughter of the air force general is the clueless survivor of a demon attack; she plays the lead opposite Saya’s deadliness.  Both are girls who have lost their fathers, both are reasonably willed.  It’s just funny because it feels like someone took all a guy’s roles and filled them in with a small Asian girl – Saya drags Alice around by her hand, treats her wounds, and defends her against demons.

Unfortunately, this juxtaposition is perhaps the only thing in this movie worth watching; the action scenes are horrible, and for all her badass stances and glares, Saya’s actress just wasn’t made for hand-to-hand combat.  The CGI of the demons are awful, and the flashbacks are awkwardly timed.  Orion calls the movie an amalgamation of fantasies – girl with a sword, girl that’s Asian, girl that’s a schoolgirl, girl that’s half-vampire, and girl with a girl.  Again, someone was having way too much fun making this movie.

One really strange thing was the main actress: Saya is played by Korean model/actress Gianna Jun, also known as Jun Ji-hyun.  Does that name sound familiar?  It’s because she’s the Girl from “My Sassy Girl”.  I guess deep down, everyone is a sucker for vampire movies (no pun intended).

Overall – 1/5; awkward action scenes, nonexistent storyline, but at least an interesting parallel between Saya and Alice.  Watch it under lazy, action-flick conditions.

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