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I don’t like bullies: on classic emotions in “Captain America” (A: 2.5/5)

“Captain America: The First Avenger” was classic.  Whether the time setting or the costumes had anything to do with this feeling, I’m not entirely sure, but it definitely had a classic feel to it.  For a while, it was refreshing to have such a simple, wholesome protagonist (he is defined by determination, with a few hints of awkwardness), but it soon grew boring. “Captain America” did what it did rather well; it just didn’t push any boundaries on originality.

In the previews, we saw flashes of a darker take on the barely-old Spiderman franchise (unfortunately featuring Andrew Garfield as the new Peter Parker) – that’s what we’ve become used to after “The Dark Knight.”  In a time where war feels like a big mess, where it seems soldiers are more characterized by symptoms of PTSD than courage or patriotism, Steve Rogers aka Captain America is as unknowable to us as the Odin magic that bad guy Schmidt aka the Red Skull wields.

That’s not to say that this kind of movie is not fun; on the contrary, “Captain America” was action-packed and entertaining.  Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith from the Matrix series) was an excellent villain as always.  His sneer, thin lips, and constantly sharp eyebrows gave the character a chilling touch.  Chris Evans, who stars as Steve Rogers, kept reminded me of Nicholas Cage, which was disconcerting at best.  Haylet Atwell did a surprisingly convincing job as love interest Peggy Carter, and Tommy Lee Jones effortlessly played his role as a grizzled old colonel.

In other news, I am super excited for “The Avengers,” the megapicture whose trailer we glimpsed after sitting through an eternity of credits.  All the superheroes are going to come together, ranging from Iron Man to Thor.  The only problem with this is that each hero loses his own story, gets diluted in the jumble.  Whenever all the strongest are brought together, someone will always have to be the weakest.

Overall – 2.5/5; “Captain America” is an old-fashioned movie in all aspects – it has a classic good vs. bad, little vs. big, etc.  It’s entertaining for sure, but that’s all it is.

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