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Summer 2012: Remakes, Jokes, and a few nice names.

The Dark Knight Rises – I don’t know how anyone can top Heath’s Joker, but nonetheless, this is a movie that demands attendance at the midnight premiere.

Prometheus – I wasn’t too interested by the trailer, but then again, Alien was before my time.  However, Noomi Rapace!!

Brave – This looks adorable.  It’s about time Pixar had a heroine!

Moonrise Kingdom – I’ve loved Wes Anderson ever since Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Snow White and the Huntsman – Kristin Stewart is supposed to get prettier than Charlize Theron?  Also, Chris Hemsworth (Thor) as the Huntsman!

Men in Black III – How does Will Smith look the same.

The Amazing Spider-Man – Didn’t we just have a bunch of Spider-Man?  Isn’t it too soon?  Besides, I’m not a fan of Andrew Garfield.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer – All I have to say is WTF.

Savages – To be honest, I only watched this trailer for Blake Lively.

The Bourne Legacy – Again, didn’t we just have a bunch of Bourne?  At least this one’s got Jeremy Renner in it.

Total Recall – The original with the Governator is a classic, but how will Colin Farrell handle things?

The Expendables 2 – Stallone, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis…no comments needed here.

Which movies are you most excited about?  Vote in the sidebar!


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